New 1990 SR5 V6 owner

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Mar 18, 2005
Fayetteville, NY
I just picked up a 1990 Toyota Sr5 V6 with 160,000 miles and little previous maintenance history (for $1200), It does not have any appreciable leaks and I plan to go thru the truck and change all fluids to start. This truck is a beater that will primarily be used off road to haull firewood. What else should I service immediately or at least check ?

2ndGenToyotaFan said:
Timing belt, but I'm pretty sure it's a non-interferance engine. I had a 90 V6 auto 4Runner and sold it with 205k on it. I sure miss that truck. But I have a new Toy! :)

It's definitely non-interference.

Do a compression test to check for a bad Headgasket. Change all fluids, plugs, timing belt, wires, etc, etc. Then drive the darned thing! :D
Pack bearings in addition to what has already been mentioned. Also while you are doing all the timing belt work, check out the condition of the radiator -- you may want to install a new one.
I second the compression and HG.
I had a 90, HG blew at 98k.
Recall was covered to 100k on that motor..that was close enough for me.
Well I ripped into it this afternoon. The PO (POS) apparently was smoking crack minutes before he told me about the new brakes and starter. It took the 12lb sledge to get the fawking front wheels off due to the galvanic bonding. Another 2 hours to get one brake pad pin out of one of the front rotors. Finally just cut the thang off in the middle w/ the Dremel then beat it out with the BFH....sort of a PITA but that's half the fun. I also broke one of the hard brake lines going to the front caliper so I'll replace both sides.

The starter is also will start after turning the key a couple of this an indication that I need to replace the contacts ? or is it a sign of something larger ?

I pulled the wheel bearings and there was actually some grease present...albeit not fully packed. I'll replace the rear axle seal then consider rotors in the future...they are pretty beat on the inboard side.

I was surprised how rugged the front end axle is....very similar to my LX450.

QUESTION: Are the outboard "pistons" on the front calipers fixed ? I couldn't get them to budge and after prying off the rubber boots they look to be fixed (or severly rusted). If they are fixed, what's the purpose of the rubber boot ?

Are you getting the "click"? Intermitent starting could just be a bad ground connection. Check the negative cable to the block. Feel the starter while someone tries starting it, if there is movement in the starter, but no spinning, then it's probably the contacts. If you just hear a click under the dash, or in the engine compartment, I'd start with the ground.

On the V6 there should be inners and outers. Sounds like some rust. How did the brakes work before?
Pcv valve, fuel filter, and definitely check the compression on it
So I just finished checking the compression before investing any more $$ into the truck. Here are the partial was raining like a bitch and 40 degrees so the fun wore off really quick.

Cylinder #2 = 130 psi
Cylinder #4 = 150 psi (first cylinder checked...)
Cylinder #6 = 30 psi
Cylinder #3 = 0 psi

I also noticed oil (more than just a sheen) on the end of the cylinder plug......

So now I thinking maybe it's time to just junk this truck after going after the looser PO which outright lied about all the loving care and maintenance the vehicle had received. I did check the toyota repair history and the HG was done at 99k.

Any ideas ?
sounds like a lemon man. How much time has passed?
two weeks

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