Never seen one of these before

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Jan 11, 2006
Well their is a first time for everything.

I have never seen seats like these before maybe they only ever came in the BJ42 LX

Pity it has only one of the two originals, I think its going to be a long search for the other :mad: Though I do have the original seat belt for the other side :)


John Bailey has a Diesel LX with a set of those in it.

Its a cool set up, the left one is twice as wide as the right one so they make a full bench in the back.
Is that rear seat that folds twice???? The cack folds down then the whole thing folds over to the wheel well??????

Fxxxing cool!!!!!!:grinpimp:
My LX is also missing those :crybaby:

Matt if you happen to find an extra set I would be very interested, please..
That seating arangment always looked uncomfortable to me, half your ass is over the wheelwell, which means your right foot has nowhere to rest, except sitting crooked and put them together in the center of the floor. And besides, how do you get 8 husky men in there, at least with the long rear jump seats you can squeeze 4 in back :D

Neat seats though, from the pictures I have seen. I'm always surprised by all the plastic trim that was put in the LX's. Does it make them any quieter or warmer than a normal 40????

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