neep help!

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Jul 22, 2007
need help!

took a trip to fairbanks for a wheeling trip and when I got back from the trip my FJ62 started acting up

we washed her down to get all the ice off and now it won't stay running.
it Idols fine but once you apply preshor to the accelorator it dies what do you think this is. I bought an OBD 1 to see what code it would read but there are none stored. the intack was completely clean. I checked the plugs wires and cap for water and cleaned all that off. but still running the same. please help me
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You need spark, air and fuel, and in the 62, you need the computer to know what's going on with those 3 things. You know you have spark, you know you have fuel (to an extent, maybe not enough supply at throttle), the comp. could be out to lunch on what's going on with throttle and air once they come off the idle baseline. First things that pop into my mind are water in the fuel (dump in some heat or other gas line antifreeze), the fuel filter could use a changing, check your throttle position sensor, air flow meter and the connections for them.

BTW, you don't need a code reader, you can jump between 2 points in the diagnostics connection and have the check engine light flash out the codes, all you need is a paper clip. Check the FAQ section for the codes if you don' have a manual.
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Check the fuel filter. May have gunk or ice in it that allows enough fuel to get by while idling, but not enough for higher speeds. Maybe ice in the tank, too, or the fuel line. Alcohol should break it up. Probably still fairly chilly up there! :cheers:Ned
I would also do a quick test on the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). It may have failed, or might be out of adjustment.

Take the code reader back, it won't help you. All you need is a paper clip.
check the alt output as well, I had a situation recently where the alt was putting out 16 volts and tripping the computer - it would die if I didn't keep on the throttle - yours could be a similar situation - maybe too few volts at higher RPMs?
ok alt was bad and replaced it. but it still ran bad so I put good fuel in her and she died on me. and know I have know spark. does anyone know how the test the Distributor or the modular. Like I said before there was alot of water under the cap and I might have fried something inthe distributor.
has anyone had problems after running through water. how do I prevent this from hapening again

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