Needing help with H series Injection Pump


Feb 21, 2008
Needing some help with H series non turbo injection pump, I'm looking for a recommended shop/mechanic in Houston.

I have a 1980 HJ45 that is over fueling ( lots of black smoke) its running fine but way more black smoke than it should.

I understand that the injection pump was rebuilt, with all new parts but cant figure out if it needs to be re-calibrated and then timed to the engine. Additionally not really sure what that process entails.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mar 4, 2012
Adelaide, South Australia
Had the pump sat idle for a considerable period of time prior to it being used? The fuel rack may be gummed up, you can access the fuel rack through the Governor Housing cover.. A little bit of gentle tapping and pulling can encourage it to move if it is gummed up. At the same time you can inspect the leather diaphragm to make sure its in good condition, the diaphragm is another possible cause of overfuelling.

Who installed the pump to the engine and what timing procedure did they follow?
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Mar 6, 2014
Sonoita AZ.
I was having similar issues along with a simi rough idle. It was due for fuel filter change so I added a can of
" LIQUI MOLY Diesel Purge " into the new fuel filter and ran at several different rpm levels for 15 min, not driving.
Idel is now smooth and occasional black smoke is gone
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