needed:  front motor mounts and fuel pump

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Dec 22, 2002
Wandering the Wild West
Just got back from Moab and have found out that I need a new front motor mount (so I'm just gonna do them both) and a new fuel pump.

Where's the best place to get the motor mounts for an '84 FJ60? (And I don't want any used ones in case anybody was wonderin'...) And it's the stock 2F...
Re: needed:  front motor mounts and fuel pump

I baught all new motor mounts for my 40 from TPI (, they're good people and the prices aren't bad. If your willing to go used on the fuel pump, try out, they're also good people to do business with. If all else fails you can always depend upon Specter to have anything your looking for. :G
Re: needed:  front motor mounts and fuel pump

I would not go with a used mechanical pump, its only a matter of time before it dies too. IMO $40 napa 4 psi is all thats needed. Mount to passenger side of engine block, wire to post underneath ignition coil, put a safety/security cut off switch hidden somewhere in the cab if you like, and slap on a frame clear plastic filter right before it and your done. :)
Re: needed:  front motor mounts and fuel pump

Funny you mention the Napa pump. That is exactly what I found for the temporary replacement that got me home... I don't think I wanna keep it for the full time fuel delivery though...

Thanks for the info on the motor mounts.
I've been using mine for 6 months now with no problem whatsoever, cept one time it for no known reason shut off for 5 min. Only done it once and thats not enough provocation for me to look into it further. (that was 3 months ago).

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