Needed: FJ45/55 rear axle housing.

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The Cruiser Whisperer
Sep 26, 2003
Lancaster, Ohio, USA
OK, so you remember all those old drum brake rear axles we've thrown out recently?

I need one.:rolleyes:

Just a bare housing. A project I'm working on has an early (1965) rear axle that retains the diff to the housing w/ 8mm studs.

I need a rear housing that has 10mm diff studs.
Preferably a FJ45 or FJ55 because they have sway bar links.

An FJ40 housing will work, but I'll have to weld on the sway bar links.

LMK if anybody has a spare rear axle they can part with for free or cheap.

Also have a 1965 FJ45 housing & diff to trade.
Thanks Nick!

I'm begining to think I should stop throwing away junk and just deliver it to Nick's for safekeeping.

Couple of FJ55 rear housings have showed up in another thread. I'll be in touch if they fall through.
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Thanks Rocky!

Rocky removed the FJ55 axle from under the old FJ55 for me and I picked it up on saturday.
He removed it from the donor truck using a Bobcat. :cool:
And then forked it into the back of my FJ60.

Thanks Rocky!

See you saturday, w/ starsky & hutch.

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