Need your opinions on this 80!

May 4, 2007
I'm looking at a 94 that the dealer has informed me has inaccurate odometer mileage. Looking at the carfax, it's hard to guess the actual mileage. The pictures in the description show a decent interior, but the brake pedal is worn down to metal.

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The dealer also sent me a lot more exterior pics and the outside looks pretty clean. I think I can get it for around $4000- is it worth the risk??

thanks for the advice!

Details from the carfax:

02/09/1999 42,661 Dealer Inventory
Highland Park, IL Vehicle offered for sale

06/22/2001 Illinois Motor Vehicle Dept. Chicago, IL
Title #T1173095037 Title issued or updated
Duplicate title issued
Loan or lien reported

03/30/2007 Green Family Stores
Springfield, IL Vehicle serviced

04/17/2007 150,462 Green Family Stores
Springfield, IL
Green Family Stores Vehicle sold

05/09/2007 Illinois Motor Vehicle Dept.
Rock Island, IL
Title #X7129691349 Title issued or updated
New owner reported
Loan or lien reported
Exempt from odometer reporting
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Feb 23, 2006
NE Texas
I don't know where you are but I bought a so called "rust free" car from Chicago a few years ago. For Chicago I guess it wasn't bad but from what I am used to it was rusted.
If you can find a southern or western car they sure are alot easier to work on.


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Sep 24, 2008
Canyon City, OR
Jonah111, I have a '94 at home with 215k miles on it that the interior is not as worn or beat up (I'm away from home right now) . The one shot of the engine shouts of neglect by PO and dealership. If dealer is unsure of mileage or can't verify it steer clear of it. $4K is way high. It looks bone stock and would need ??$ to make reliable DD or trail rig. It depends on your expectations, but you could do a lot better, for that amount from a private party. IMHO
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