Need wiring help.

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Feb 12, 2005
Hollister, CA
Just got my 4Runner and it looks like there's some hacker wiring. The ignition is not in the factory configuration. Basically the key has to be inserted and turned to the ON position and there's a toggle switch that has to be flipped on until the truck cranks over, then the toggle is switched off.

The PO wired it this way for some reason to bypass the Neutral Start Switch. All I want to do is to get it back to normal factory specs.

Anyone have a wiring diagram for a 87 Toy Runner? Maybe you can scan it and send to my e-mail.

Many thanks for the help.
I bet it is for a different reason i.e. there might be a relay in the column that needed replacement. Friend of mine did the same thing on his Ford Truck due to the fact he would have had to replace the entire column assembly,

Anyway, you can get the schematic from the toyota mechanics site. Not sure of the link but if you Google it you will see it. It gives you access to all FSM's.
No there is no click when turning the key, the wiring isn't old I looked under it. I still don't know why the PO would bypass it. Makes no sense to me.

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