Need water pump for Toy LC Diesel 1976 B2 (1 Viewer)

Sep 3, 2007
New Zealand
I presume you mean to say that you have a Toyota 2B 3200cc diesel engine ("B2???") transplanted into this BJ40 (because all BJ40s came with the 2977cc B-diesel).

And I pressume you don't know the build date for the transplanted motor.

According to my information, two different pumps were fitted to the 2B engine depending on year-of-manufacture. (And the later version was shared with a similar-year 3B engine.)

Surely obtaining a replacement can't be that difficult?

How about supplying a photo showing the pump you want to replace?

Edit: I'm assuming this is a BJ40 because of the year you've given (1976).
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