Wanted Need vacuum advance for 85 fj60

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Nov 15, 2005
Anyone have a good working vacuum advance for my 60? Shipping to N. Idaho 83816.

*Actually need the dual diaphragm advance, I also need a thermostat housing*
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Think I got ya covered....

I will make sure in the AM.

PM me a # to call you at.

No go Mingo...

Rust has had its way with this one...

Sorry man.

Ok, I'm starting to get a little desperate here :)

I had my 2f rebuilt in my 60 after it locked up on me almost two months ago! Almost done except for some pesky vacuum leaks AND A COUPLE OF PARTS! Help me get my rig up and running folks!

I need a vacuum advance for the dist. and now I also need a new thermostat housing, can anyone hook me up?
PMed you....i may be able to help you with the thermostat housing also

Mingo, I have one, but need to test it. Will do tonight or tomorrow and let you know.

I've got several new OEM vacuum advance units still in the factory packaging. But they're kind of pricey. They're for the late 2F distributor. PM if interested.
Mingo, I just tested the one I have and the outboard (away from the diz) works fine, but the inboard one does not seem to move anything.
Let me know if you still want it. Free for the postage.


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