Need to buy an engine hoist, need suggestions.

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Feb 24, 2003
Got more work done today than I thought we would. Going to have to break down and order an engine hoist and engine stand. Any suggestions as to brand? Any good reports, any "stay away" froms?

Appreciate any input


Folding legs are a must for future storage. I've got a borrowed hoist and the space savings is great. Make sure you get a true 4-point engine stand and not a cheaper one with a single front wheel or narrow duals. Mine is a bit unstable..


NICE: $180 at


This is's OK....


BUT this is what I wish I had...


They also have a folding stand...if you don't keep a motor on it all the time that might be a better option too....
I got one like Woody's third pic from Tractor Supply like 3 years ago. It's been a good one for the price. Might stop by there if you have one near you and check 'em out. Good luck!
i second the folding options. i have both folding engine stand and folding hoist and it makes a hell of a difference storage wise.
Personally, I think that the non-folding hoists store in a smaller space than the folding ones do. There are only 10 bolts holding it together and it might take 10 minutes to disassemble.
I am a fan of the folding engine hoist and costco has them for $189 (US made-Arcan)- some even have a foot pedal release. US made ones have a better ram and last longer than offshore.

The best most stable engine stand is the Harbor Freight 2000# @ $109.95. It is sometimes hard to line up direct with a hoist but it is rock solid. Foot print is a underlined "V". I had one of woody's "pref U" and rated to 1,250#'s (chinese made). Adding a known 750# 1HZ long block to it the crank dropped 14" (fourteen inches!) toward the ground bending the mount plate. If you spend on a real OTC "U" it won't deflect like the $114 one I got via Carquest here. I immediately ordered a HF 2000# and can move either 2F's or HZ's around easily and securely. It is the cheapest heavy duty engine stand on the market bar none.
Thanks to everyone for their help and input. I ordered up the 2 ton Harbour Freight folding engine crane and the more solid 2 ton engine stand recommended by Woody.

Thanks again.

I second the Costco engine hoist recommendation. It's a nice unit and folds up easily. While you're there, the 3ton floor jack and folding creeper are decent, too :D.

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