need the trick on how to get my oil pan out of my '93 fzj-80

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Nov 28, 2009
Kemah, Tx
I have the #2 oil pan off and the stabilizer bar off plus drivers side bracket. Now the front of the pan is hanging up on the first piston bearing cap. I cant come down any more (away from the block) because the cross bar that is part of the track bar assembly that can't be removed because its welded at both ends. I'm sure I'm missing something simple but its still eluding me :-\ I really need to get to my bearings so I can get back on the road.
thanks! :)
im pretty sure you have to unbolt the motor mounts and lift the motor to get it out.maybe somebody will chime in with a better trick.
The passenger side motor mount would give me some room, but it seems like the manual would recommend that step like it did for the stabilizer bar. It feels like there is a puzzle like maneuver that will let it come out. Im trying to be patient and not gouge the inside of my pan on the bearing cap... :bang: Thanks for your feeb back :)
I took the nut off of the bottom of the motor mount and jacked up the engine by the crank pulley enough to clear.
thanks for the tips and im not fixing the seal as i said im removing the pan to get to the bearings to replace a spun bearing - never was leaking and never said it was. I did many searches for tips to get the pan out and didnt turn anything up so i asked. Ill be unbolting the motor mount in the morning, thanks a bunch!! :D

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