Wanted Need the passenger door / window chrome moulding fj62 / fj60

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Jan 2, 2013
San Diego, CA
United States
I need the chrome strip that goes below the window on the passenger front door. I lost the rubber end cap and it's rather sharp so really just looking for an end cap but will take the whole strip if anyone has it.

Need shipped or can pickup near San Diego.
Picture attached

@cruiserland ill take it. Yeah let me know about molding too but if that's $$$ to ship I'm good with just the rubber end cap if you want to drop that in the mail. I'll pm you info now. Thanks!
Hi, Guys,

I'm sorry to resurrect such an old thread (and I'm a newbie here too), but if anyone has an end-cap for the exterior chrome strip, just below the window on the front passenger side door - the same one missing in the OP's picture - I'm need in of one. My wife has nicked her hand on the exposed metal a few times, which isn't cool. I've got to get it sorted.

My truck is an '88 FJ62.

Thank you for your help and patience.
Me too... I still need the same one. The one I got fell apart so I’m in need of another before the wife’s hand falls off... I’ll be second inline behind @Old Nick thanks 🙏
I have the chrome strips if you want to grab the whole part. Message me if interested.
Hi, jkdur728,

Thank you. I am going to wait just a little longer. If an end-cap doesn't materialize, I will contact you.

Sending my best,

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