need some picture of the rear of a tube.

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Oct 5, 2007
Edmonton, Alberta
my rear part of my tube has rusted out. its the part between the bumper and the bottom of the door. its a 76. some pictures would be really helpful thanks
thanks i guess i posted in the wrong section should have been in "bath and bed".
rear sill

Body, Rear Sill

Its called the rear sill

there is an inner piece that is structural to the frame and side support and an outer cover

if you just need the outer cover you are in luck that's pretty easy

some people post up there home made ones

a couple of pages on it

didnt see it there but the tech links might have something

or the FAQs***-f-q-***-updated-14-apr-09-a.html

Tech link is pretty easy to overlook but it is at the very top of the page---full of good stuff!
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