Need some opinions on this 40...

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Sep 29, 2008
Oklahoma City, OK
Hey guys... I'm a long time, avid FJ60 owner who's been in the market for a good 40 for a while.

Well, there's one here locally that's sparked my interest. It's a 2 owner 78' that's been meticulously maintained from a mechanical standpoint. The truck runs and drives great, body is perfect. No rusting on the body, floor pans, and all the usual spots. It was repainted 8 years ago but looks fresh and it was done right. It's mustard yellow.

I crawled under the truck and took a gander at the frame and then had the owner send me pics of it. Now, my 60 is insanely clean and the frame looks new but I need a second opinion on this truck. Other than a very minimal lift, it's bone stock (how I like them) and unmolested. At first glance, it appeared to me that most of the frame rust was surface stuff that I could blast off but I'd really love the opinion of you experts. Thanks in advance... I appreciate your opinions. He's asking 12K for the truck. Thanks! - Steed

FJ40 Cruiser pictures by oubrantley - Photobucket


















I don't have exterior pics but it looks excellent, in great shape....
This is a '78 $8900 truck.
78 toyota landcruiser

Yours is more rusty than mine.

Show us some body pics..
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As I said, the body is flawless. No rust what so ever, even in the usual trouble spots... these pics don't do it justice.




If you buy it, I will want to know how that $3500 winch works.
Not sure on the price, I would not want any rust on the body and the frame painted for that price, but that is me. You would want to fix the exhaust, the exhaust should be on the top of that skid plate and not hang down below the frame and skid plate.
That looks like a good truck, he knows it... & he is asking very top dollar.

Just depends on if you want to pay that much. I also would rather start w/something like this...a sound unmolested truck rather than one all fixed up. Many of those 'look' good but aren't sound.

But I would not pay 12k for that truck. Like I say just depends on what it's worth to you. If you get it you probally will be happy w/it.


After looking at the pictures in more detail it looks like a lot of rust problems starting on the bottom. I also see yellow over spray on the bottom in parts that would worry me about the quality of the paint job. I would really worry about the amount of work and money it will take to keep it looking the way it does now. The outside has been painted but most of the serious rust issues with these cruisers come from the backside and rust through to the paint side. Since the underside was not taken care of you could be dealing with a rust bucket in a few years. For that money I would want the underside to have been fixed and painted as much if not more then the outside.
I would ask him if he has any pictures of it before it was painted and also get a magnet and go around it checking for any bondo. If it really is rust free and you're wanting a nice cruiser I think it would be a nice one to start with. You can offer less and just see what he saids but I've seen alot worse cruisers IMO on ebay etc. bring $8,000 - $10,000 +.
I don't see any rust issues to get upset about. You should clean and paint the frame and axles, and spray some aerosol grease on the various joints (any place two pieces of sheet metal meet) under the body, and enjoy the truck.

If you told me you were going to drive it in the winter in a northern state, I'd be more concerned. To me, the underside of that truck looks like 90% of the FJs out there. I think you can stop the rust. Be most careful to grease the seams where the inner and outer rear fenders meet, and the rear corners, as those are the areas where FJ bodies fail first.

If the rest of the truck is complete (things like headrests, console, jack, etc.) and totally stock, then I think that truck is a 12K truck, plus or minus. I wouldn't pay too much more than that for it.
That frame looks pretty darn nice. I would be mostly concerned about areas on the frame where 2 layers of steel are in contact. The steel delaminates and starts bending the frame channels, that is the 1st sign of trouble. I didn't see anything like that in your photos. A good dip and paint would make lit look brand new.

I would think 12K is a little steep for an original condition FJ40 unrestored with a solid body. I've seen real head turners look amazing at the sale then bubble up and flake off a ton of body filler in a year or so. Unless it has ARBs and other common upgrades I'd be worried that he thinks he has something more than he does have. Even then, deviation from original doesn't always enhance the value.
Hey guys, well, I talked him down a couple grand on the price and pulled the trigger. The truck is in great shape and local. Love the mustard and the fact it's a 78'. Picking up the truck this week! I'll be getting right on the frame and knocking the rust off / addressing the needed areas, then painting it.

What's the best stuff to get for this as far as cleaning, sealing and painting. Thanks a bunch!

I guess I'm officially a part of the 40 family now. :cheers:

Thank you for all your advice and help!
Welcome to the addiction, if for the moment you dont plan to do a Restro and just cleaning the frame, can use Ospho after degreaser,wire wheel , then choose a good paint or other product.

Ad more pictures when you get it home
Awesome! Thank you!

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