need some motor advice

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Jan 29, 2010
Nemo S.D.
I just bought a 83 fj 60 with 350 thousand on it. The motor needs and head gasket at minimum. I had it running for approximately 5 minutes shut it off pulled the radiator cap and the pressure about blew my hat off. So the question is do I just try to put a head gasket in it and mill the head with that many miles. I have looked locally and found a 1f or a 3fe. The 3fe is a buddys who just did a vortec swap on a 62 and wants little or nothing for the motor which was rebuilt 20000 miles ago. He has the computer and the harness but this motor also needs a head gasket not to mention the swap headache. I just want to get it running as cheap as possible for right now.
Your options sort of depend on your mechanical aptitude and your desires for your rig. If I was in your situation I'd probably overhaul the 2F that's in there or do a diesel swap.

Budget has a lot to do with this as well I would imagine. What are your needs and desires for your truck...what is within your ability as a mechanic?
It's time for a rebuild.

While you may get by with a head job (heh-heh:eek:), at 350K it's done enough and is ready for new life. Are you certain it has not been rebuilt before?

It is time to consider options. A 3FE would be a nice swap. But then for rebuild money, you are close to a NEW Chevy powerplant. Don't get me wrong, I love F series motors, but a 60 wagon needs more power and small block Chevy is the cost effective option.

I don't know my Chevys real well, but the Ram-jet 350 looks like the option for 60 series Land Cruisers.
I thought about the diesel swap. I have been waiting for transmission to go out in my vw tdi haha. The cruiser has been beat pretty hard so i dont want to dump a ton of money in it. But i dont mind dumping time. I can do any of the swaps mechanically as far as the wiring depending how intense it is I can do that. If not i can call in a favor from a freind. I should probably look into a rebuild kit or the price of an adapter for a 350 swap.
I'm probably a purest of the worst kind sometimes, but I say rebuild the 2F or do the 3FE swap. From what you said you could take your pick but you'd have to get work done to either one. See what a local rebuild shop would charge for the work and see what you can do.

Come back for help. This forum is full of people who know what they're talking about and are willing to help. I've been sorting out carb issues lately and have gotten plenty of friendly help.
I've been toying with the idea of a chevy 350 swap as well when the time comes for my motor to be put down. Is there a ballpark price range for a basic chevy swap (having someone else do most of the work)?
Look for a good, complete used 2F. Plenty of Mudders have them. Post a 2F Wanted thread. If you can pick it up, you'll be way ahead of the game.
Look for a good, complete used 2F. Plenty of Mudders have them. Post a 2F Wanted thread. If you can pick it up, you'll be way ahead of the game.

Pick up a complete and good 2F for 300$, drop it in in a weekend, and be done with it for the next 100k miles.
And suggest filling in your location so that we have an idea of where you are.

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