Need some bolts

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May 11, 2005
Lagrangeville New york
Dose anyone know a source for the two bolts that hold the alternator bracket to the side of my 3B ? They have a small head for such a large diameter bolt and a shoulder to match the thickness of the mount. I can't find them in my 3b factory manual but I'm pretty sure their a special factory bolt. I tried to replace one with a standard metric bolt , but it has no shoulder and a 17 mm head that wont fit thru the mount. the factory bolt is a 14 mm head , I believe. Any help guys???
Try this site not sure what bolt your are asking about this will give you the Toyota part number
Got the number

Thanks Diesler, I think the number is 90105-12008 but they don't list a price. I would be happy to find a few used if anyone has them. I'll try on the classifieds and see what I can come up with.
Try clicking on the part in the diagram it will highlight the part number,I don't see 12008 you are reffering to
I may have 2...I will check tomorrow.

I only found 1 bolt, the proper one. I also found another bolt but it has a 17 mm head with integeral washer AND I tried it on the bj alt bracket and it fits in the spot face.

Let me know what you want to do. I will keep looking for the other one( I am triping over bj parts in the garage:doh:

You are in luck! Found the other one, so I have 2 of the required bolts.
PM on the way

I've had good luck with facca fastners and fastenall, much much cheaper than toyota and you can get the same grade bolt (or better)! sometimes you have to wait a few days though!
local fastener store

Eric, I have a very good industrial fastener company locally, and I have been using them for years for everything from aircraft stainless steel screws for my Cessna 140 to replacing all the hinge hardware on both my cruisers at far less than toyota or any of the cruiser specialty shops. I actually replaced one of these bolts with a standard 17 mm bolt from them but it was a bear to install because you could not get a socket on it. The correct bolts have a 14mm head that allows a socket to be used instead of having to tighten the bolt one sixth of a turn at a time while you hold the alternator in place with your third hand. Tim

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