Need some advice -- may have overheated engine

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Jun 14, 2018
San Diego
Hi everyone.
I was sitting on the freeway on he way to work, and the CEL popped on and my idle went to s***. Low stumble. When I arrived, I popped the hood and found out that the fan shroud had somehow come in contact with the fan blade, and caused the fan to not spin. I am not sure how long it was in this state, but at least on the way to work(15 miles).

I wanted to ask everyone -- if they know what could be damaged if that blade was not spinning/stuck against something. Since I removed/fixed the shroud, the fan spins, and everything seems to be working as normal as far as the fan clutch goes. However, the low idle has not gone away. I am also BILLOWING smoke out of the exhaust. This truck always did that, but now its like a smokescreen that blinds the driver behind me as I gas it from a stop. It is a very heavy white smoke.

I am very worried, that on my way to work, I may have overheated the engine. My thermostat never went over 1/2 way up, but I have no idea if it is actually working. The engine certainly got to a "hotter than normal" state after I got home from work. On the freeway, it was fine other than at a stop, where the idle was REALLY bad and the tailpipe was blowing a bunch of smoke.

The only codes Im getting, are 12, 25, 26. I checked the knock sensor plugs, and they look fine.

Thank you all,
1993 FZJ80 260K
How many miles are on this? Has the head gasket ever been replaced?
260K. I think?, you can see what I assume is non-factory orange sealant. No idea when, I got the truck at 220k.

Pretty convinced the head gasket is blown. Now I'm thinking about 2 things:

1.Head gasket job, 3k?
2.New engine, 4k plus labor putting me near 6?

I did a "while I was in there" when my head gasket went at 180K, and pulled the engine, trans and transfer case and replaced everything that generally wears plus a valve job over two weeks myself. Eight years and 160K miles later I just have a couple fluid drips at times.
Another after thought: Any other things I should do while I'm doing all this? Like other things to replace while the head gasket is being repaired.
:) There are several threads on this. Every hose, gasket, seal and rubber part. After nearly 30 years the materials all break down. I did a valve job including new seals and took a few thou off the deck. New PHH, power steering lines, fan clutch, fuel filter, oil pump, timing chain and gears, idler pulley bearing, all the trans and transfer case seals and gaskets plus trans filter. I should have just done the injectors then, but I waited another 100K before I upgraded them...... Oh and new starter contacts and alternator brushes.
The factory temp gauge is known to be delayed in its response, so when you see it rising above normal you've probably already overheated.

Worst come to worst I'd just take it to a Cruiser specialist and pay 3500 for a top end rebuild. They'll probably do a compression and leakdown test first to confirm it is the HG first. They'll know all the WYIT stuff.

In the meantime don't run it to avoid any damage to the bottom end. Check for chocolate milkshake on the dipstick.

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