need simple measurement

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Aug 14, 2005
Kinda a different one but i need to know the stock distance between the rubber support mount and the back of the steering wheel. If you run directly up the steering column youll hit the section where the column begins to expand (the shaped or cast potion). this is what i mean by the back of the wheel. i am doing my power steering conversion but i never took this measurement and i have no interior at all in the cruiser so i figure i'll just put it at the stock location. Mine is a 69 fj40. thanks!!!
cool. I can't help cause my cruiser isn't in my garage right now. Its at ashop but , are you doing a power steering conversion and keeping the 69 column. Its that what your trying to do?
There is no residual mark from where the grommet wore the paint off the column?

That would be a first.....

Good luck!

yeah, i have been looking and haven't seen anything, i know that sounds crazy. but the column has been outside for like 5 months.
anybody want to measure real quick for me? thanks!

go put a tape on your steering column for this guy....
From the rubber to the "fat" part of the column, really the turn indicator lever, is 10 1/4" from the rubber grommet.



Mini or Sag?:confused:

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