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Oct 4, 2006
Seattle, WA
My wife has always wanted a popup... me not so much but I can't afford an adventure trailer or anything like that right now so when one pretty much fell in our lap for a wink and a smile I finally caved in and let her have it.

Need some ideas to make it more trail friendly.... not planning on dragging this thing up the rubicon or anything but some trails to get to camp sites.

Right now my plans are to do a spring over or a drop down axle with a high weight rating and up some bigger tires and wheels on there. Also I want to add trailer brakes.

Thinking of how to make the bottom of this better for the trails also... maybe some diamond plate or something, like I said no hardcore wheeling for it but a misplaced small rock that i'm not worrying about in the cruiser could put a nice hole in the floor of this thing.

Any threads or personal experiences are appreciated. I've already searched and found a few.

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