Need part Number for part from Console:

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Jun 14, 2010
Flooded timber of Arkansas
This part (the one I need) is in a 2006 Land Cruiser with rear radio controls mounted at the back of the console: My rear flus mount cup holder will fall out if you pull it all the way out and investigation revealed the internal bracket has fractured plastic on the rails that allows the cup holder to get out of the grooves and thus fall out. The actual cup holder piece is in perfect condition but this piece I'm talkin about is shaped like a big U(has aluminum and plastic rails) and attaches to the console with 3 phillips head screws.

I need the part number to order so i can get this thing goin again.

Thanks/ Clay has parts diagrams - look for your model/year then select body and section 58-55 for console box and bracket and you should see the part you need.
Console rear cup holder

My cup holder itself is not broken. However, the mechanism (U shaped) that it slides into is broken. The cup holder will slide out and keep on sliding and fall on the floor and you can see on the bracket where some plastic has broken.

Anybody know a part number i can order to get that U shaped bracket. If its any help this bracket was removed (from the console) by removing 3 phillips head screws and is made of aluminum and plastic).

Thanks a lot for your help as i just can't find the part number.
Probably an easier way to find the part (prices are RRP and not of benefit) it is to use from their listing I get it as 58903-60021 plus letters to denote color. $180 from the other site
Not sure if a 2000 is the same, but if so I might have one you can have for free from a parts console I have in the garage. Shoot me a PM if you haven't ordered one yet.

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