Wanted Need long side axle shaft only, ‘86 semi float fj60

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John McVicker

Jul 11, 2005
Big Pine, CA
United States
Will be driving thru Az. NM & Tx panhandle in the next 10 days or so.
Thanks John
Man I wished I’d seen this sooner John. I have one, and I’ll be in Olancha later today. But I’m not going to the shop before I leave town . :(
Thanks Mark. Got one from my ‘spare’ 60 so not in a great rush right now, but am looking to replace the one I ‘stole’. Have a couple of leads, if they don’t pan out, I will reach out to you.

Maybe the next time you’re up this way we can exchange an axle shaft for some green $tuff, that would be ideal.
Well, I rolled through Big Pine a few weeks back for the memorial of my friend Carne Lowgren, who wrote for the paper in Bishop.

I will be back though at 4th of July.

As another option, I will be seeing Carne's widow at a party in Pioneertown Memorial weekend. She lives north of Bishop, and will be passing through Big Pine on the way home after the party. :idea:
Thanks. Out of Ca. right now. Will keep this info on my calendar & get back to you if I still have a need,

Thank you, quantro dinero? @ajax1
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