Need local set of eyes on '74 FJ40 in Seymour

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Apr 23, 2009
Tega Cay, SC
Found '74 FJ40 for sale in Seymour, TN but haven't been able to make the 4 hour drive to see it. Have talked with owner 2x and sounds like the price is about right ($4,900) for the condition it's in. Hoping some good Samaritan who is nearby would take a look, a test drive and maybe some pics and tell me their opinion. Any good Samaritans in TN willing to help out a guy from SC?

Dave - 704-779-4999
PM sent.
Seller was finally able to email photos. I've uploaded them to Picassa tonight for your viewing pleasure. Picasa Web Albums - charlotte49er - Mustard FJ40 ...

Since my first post, I've learned the previous owner forgot to secure he hood before driving off which resulted in a dent in the hood and damage to the roof.

After seeing the photos, received earlier today I thought I'd share and get input from mud members on what they think and notice (ex. real value, how much to replace the fiberglass roof, how easy to repair the rust damage). Note the roof was poorly repaired.

I don't know too much about the 40s, but that looks like a clean one overall, not a whole lot of rust. I had actually called on that one, too, owner talked to me for a while about cruisers. It had a 2F engine swap, right? Good luck!


Going, going, gone...

I just checked Craigslist for the first time in days. I'm guessing he sold it over the weekend.

Thanks to those of you that offered assistance and opinions! Let me know if you ever need help in my area (Greater Charlotte).

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