need live tech help asap and opinions!!!!!

Apr 29, 2005
north above charlotte nc
i've noticed a slight coolent smell coming from the middle of the cruiser for about a week and today i checked the coolent and it was about 1/2 gallon low

so i filled it up with antifreeze and went to the store to stock up on some pm stuff

when i got home i pulled in the shop and jacked it up to look for the leak better and quess what i found

the rear heater hoses where dribbling (not quite dripping) on the cats and the o2 sensor area

upon further inspection i noticed the hoses and clamps look fine
also the padding around it that seals it to the floor is saturated

so i went up top for a look and only the seal up there is wet the carpet doesn't look to have absorbed hardly any?

i'm kinda perplexed wheither or not to try and change the hoses out tonight so we can take it to church tomm.

or should i jump in and pull the seat and see if i can get a better look at the heater??

any help would be app. and yea i did search but didn't find the same problem

thanks ryan


Feb 12, 2004
I would try to temporarily bypass the rear heater core by disconnecting the in/out lines and a inserting a coupling. This should buy you some time.


Aug 9, 2003

The seats come out rather easily if that's the correct direction to take as for where the water's coming from. I'm a little unclear as you said the hoses were dripping, then that the hoses and clamps look fine. Then something about a seal that I assume is on the heater core? Or the seal where it passes through the floor?? Not clear.

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