Need info please on gears removal

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Oct 8, 2009
Margate, Florida.
Good day all,

I am trying to find any links that mention the remova or replacemnetl of gears for a factory locked FZJ80, and can't find anything on the search tab.

Can you guys help me with these links since I need the instructions for such job.

Thanks you all...
I'm a decent mechanic, and I was told the instructions were as follows:

1) Remove 3rd member.

2) Find box.

3) Ship it to Carl at JT's

4) Gladly pay bill as factory locker diffs weren't the place to learn re-gearing. Enjoy trouble-free miles.

It may sound like I'm being sarcastic, but seriously I called a couple people whose opinion I respect & even though headgaskets & motors are pretty commonplace to me, all of 'em said the locker diff wasn't a good place to learn. I've only been a checkbook mechanic 3 times ever, this was 1.
ZUK has a lot of examples. The FSM has rather in depth description of installation.

X2. zuk's site has it all, with lots of pics. however, i wouldnt 'learn' to do gears my first try out on an elocked AWD FZJ80....not said it cant be done...but you'll need the measuring tools, and a solid knowledge of gears, backlash, mesh patterns..etfc. good luck.
Only problem is if you want Ken (aka Zuk) to do those, you'll need to sweet talk him or wait until the fall. Phoenix temps + no A/C in his garage = gone fishing

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