Need info on shackle reversal

Jan 19, 2003
I have a fj62 and i'm planning on putting a 2" OME lift on and also thinking about doing the SR at the same time but I can't find much info on the SR. &nbsp:Does it help with the suspension ride or is it better to leave it alone? I am looking at wheels and tires also. I like the fat tires and the size i'm looking at is 33x13.5 but not sure on 15" or 16". It's hard to find very many wheels 15x10 with 3.5 backspacing so I'm thinking about 16x10 I think I can go with more of a backspacing but not sure. And how much lift I need for the 16". Any input would help. THANKS !!!!!


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
Rim size has no effect on tire size....33x16 versus 33x15 will both be 33" tall, or close. 16" will offer more clearance at the caliper, but sometimes the interference is with the spokes of the rim as well (a bit of grinding on the calipers fixed it on my FJ40)

IMO, for a 33x12.5, go with a 8"-9" wide rim. 10" is more likely to hit the outer fender edges, since the 2" of width over the 8" rim is added at the outside edge.

Read the writeups and info in the tech section on reversals. IMO, they are not necessary and make a negligible change in handling/ride.
Oct 22, 2002
Durango, Colorado
I have had a SR done on my 76 FJ40. 2" OME at same time. I'm running 33 x 12.5 GY MTRs on 15 x 10 eagle alloys. The difference between the stock suspension and SR/OME was night and day. However I can't tell you which one had the greatest effect. The 33s do rub the outside front fenders ocasionally off road. The calipers did need a little machining (hand held grinder) to clear the wheels.

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