need hight of spare tire with a 4+PLUS Tire/Cooler Carrier

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Aug 15, 2005
Lemoore, CA (south of Fresno) / Cortes Island, B.C
Can someone with a 4+ carrier measure the distance from the top of the tub to the center of the spare tire? I am mking a bumper and want to match the height of my tire in relation to the 4+ tire height.

Or, how tall is the center of the tire from he top of the origional bumper/cross member?
I've got 20.5" from the TOP of the rear frame member to the CENTER of the spare tire receiver. There's a bracket that attaches here allowing you to slide the tire in and out depending on width.

The top of my swing out doors are 18" above the top of the frame member, so it works out to 2.5" above the rear doors on my 73.
Thanks DOn. THis is for my 73 also.
Thanks Dom for all your help with all the different measurements. I sent a PM about the tire carrier portion, but it was on the post here.

I'll dedicate the carrier to you and pour one for my homie when I christen it :)

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