Need help with safety inspection in Santa Rosa

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Sep 17, 2006
Santa Rosa, CA
So, I'm working on getting the EJ45 street legal. And part of the process is going to a licensed brake and safety inspection garage. But, none of them will do homemade cars - apparently they are more complicated/involved. I've called Tristar, Ultimate, Coogans and a few others that show up in google under safety inspection.

Does anyone know a shop in Sonoma County that can help me out?
Not in Sonoma County, but maybe try calling Fara's Auto in San Anselmo; they have on their webpage that they are licensed for brake inspections (We offer automobile services on the spot or you can drop your car off if needed. | Fara's Automotive Repair -

Nick Fara has been a teacher at our local community college, College of Marin, for many years, and I know College of Marin had an electric vehicle conversion class, so if he can't help with this he may be able to recommend someone.

I do know that Nick likes Toyotas; everyone at his shop has 4Runners, and I believe Nick also has a newer Cruiser as well, so he may be interested in hearing about your project.
Thanks for the info, I'll give him a call.
Also try calling the CHP in Rohnert Park, and see if their Vehicle Referee can do it as well. They would, most likely, be the final word on street legality anyway.

Just a thought
Ya, when I'm there Wednesday to get my VIN, I'm going to appeal to them. They could just sign me all off right then. but I haven't known them to be real flexible.
No, but no where I can find does it say I need anything. There's not a lot on the homemade car thing. As far as I can find, if you pass the safety inspection (which is very simple) you're good. It doesn't even mention seatbelts or fenders. So, I'm curious what CHP says on Wednesday when they see the thing.
Yeah, please post up the results ? interested if they say anything at all regarding the systems & what else they look for.
No problem.

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