Need help with de-smogged carburetor vacuum lines

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Jul 6, 2012
was UTAH, now Eastern Oregon
So I have a 1976 FJ40 with a 1979 engine. PO(s) de-smogged many years ago and installed a Weber. I have done a bunch of work sorting the rig out and replaced the Weber. I tried several of the Chinese carbs and they just didn't work. I have now rebuilt (what I believe to be) the original Aisin carb. Got the number off of carb and purchased a kit from Kurt. Have the kit installed and ready to install on the 40 but have a few questions concerning the vacuum lines on the carb. Since the motor has been de-smogged I don't have any vacuum lines except PCV. I have an HEI distributor with mechanical advance. There are six vacuum ports on the carb plus the Aux Accel. pump and another vacuum device. I don't have a manual for the 1979 motor so not sure what they all go to. One is power valve which I'm assuming should have vacuum connected.

Anyway, I have attached a couple pictures that show the vacuum ports.

I have labeled the pictures with vacuum ports 1-8. Just need to know which get vacuum and which can be blocked off.




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