need help selecting parts....

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1985 BJ73 RHD
Jun 4, 2005
West Frankfort Illinois
I haven't been around much the past couple of years (too many projects) but I am back and ready to swap in the 3Fe/H55/split into my 71 fj40. I have the 3Fe (1988 model), computer and harness, the H55f/transfer case, and a complete and functioning 71 fj40, including the F engine, 3speed tranny/ ect.

Now I know that I need a 4spd bellhousing. Someone here on mud is parting out an '84 FJ60 and I am going to buy the bellhousing from him.
My question is; what else should I get from this '84 FJ60? Do I need the flywheel from the 2F or will my F flywheel work? Do I need different clutch parts, i.e. fork, pressure plate, ect.?

I will have to lengthen my front driveshaft for this swap, so would it be better for me to get the fj60 front driveshaft and have it shortened?? If indeed it is long enough or does that matter?

What about the crossmember from the FJ60? It is the correct one that is sought after for this H55f swap? I am not sure what year crossmember I need to be looking for.

Basically, I am going to be paying top $$ to get this bellhousing shipped, so I want to maximize by getting all I can. ;)
You may want a older 2F BH so that the stock motor mounts will work.

Your clutch can be either stock or 2F.
I must admin that I haven't even looked at my cruiser in 2 years, and I have never pulled an engine out of a 'Yota I guess I am in need of schooling here. I can assume by your responce that the bellhousing is specific for the vehicle it came in? I am used to ford and chevy v8's and I haven't done my homework i guess.
My other question would be, other than the correct bellhousing, can I use the flywheel, clutch, ect. from my 3 spd or do I need 4 spd specific parts inside the bellhousing?
You probably should go lay under your cruiser for a while and re-aquaint yourself:D

I think Mace was referring to the mounts on the BH (to the frame) are different. You should be able to use your mounts on the 2F BH.

I would get everything inside the BH, the clutch fork, the clutch slave with actuator arm and the t-case end of the driveshafts for the flanges.

If you are not certain of exactly what will work together, it's best to have all the parts.


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