Need help pricing my fully locked 100

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Hopefully this is appropriate for this thread, I'm looking for help pricing my 100.

It's a 1998 with around 175k on the odo.

The cruiser is fully locked with a factory rear E locker and front ARB (completely new toyota differential) installed by slee.

The cruiser has had a ton of recent work including new CV axles, brake pads, rotors all around, new control arms, new OEM shocks, new diff mount, ect.

The body and interior are in average condition for the age with very minimal surface rust underneath.

I built it up with the intension of keeping it forever, but ended up in NYC so it doesn't make sense for me to keep it.

It's currently sitting on the factory 16's with 285/75/16 BFG AT's at 50%, and I have the 18" tundra wheels laying around with nearly bald tires on them.

Better photos to come.

photo-2 by nautilus150, on Flickr[/URL]
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$10,000 - provided there is no rust on the body and the timing belt has been changed.
i dont know about the rust , but for good condition i'll price it at between 12-13K,
Your biggest challenge will be your location. If this was in Denver, you could likely get $13-$15k depending on how well cleaned up and documented it is. Obviously your market in NYC will be far more limited, so I'm guessing it would likely sell for more like $11-$12K out there. If you had a friend out west, it would almost make sense to ship it out here and have him sell it so you pocket and extra couple grand.
Thanks guys,

That's pretty much exactly in line with what I was thinking, the timing belt was changed and documented.

The 18" wheels are located at my camp in Western Pennsylvania, so it may be difficult to come up with them at the time of the sale.

I mentioned the rust because that's always an issue with these trucks, mine isn't 100% rust free like a brand new cruiser but until now it lived in the south, then Colorado so it it just starting to show the slightest bit of surface rust, aka no rust problems.

It's currently located at my place in Wardsboro Vermont, the next time I'm up there I will get some good photos, go through the maintenance documentation, and make a proper for sale thread.

Until then consider it for sale at $13,000 obo.
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My father is looking for a toy, so I should mention that interesting trades are also considered with $ on either end.

He's looking for something in good shape preferably with a manual transmission.

FJ/BJ40 55 60 70 series, G-Wagon, Defender, ect.
I'll give you $10k for it right now as long as it has a clean interior and the rust is just surface rust. I live in MD. Let me know.
I'll give you $10k for it right now as long as it has a clean interior and the rust is just surface rust. I live in MD. Let me know.

I appreciate the offer, the interior has some wear cracked leather etc, but no rips or damage.

The rust is definitely surface and only in some areas.

I'm in no hurry to sell it, so I think I will hold out for $13k for now.

If you want to get in contact email me at mmccune250 at gmail
I'll trade you ;)


Budget is for sure increasing. Pics?

My father was up there and took some quick (not the greatest) photos, I was going to hold out for some good ones to make a proper FS thread.

Send me your email address and I will get them over to you with the specifics.

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