Need help pricing my FJ40 for sale!!!

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Jan 18, 2006
Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some help pricing my FJ40 to sell it. I've looked all over the net but with everyone custom job, the prices can range drastically. Here's my FJ40 at a glance, can you all tell me what I should be asking/expecting to get for it:

Basic info:
1973 FJ40 with a clean title
Newly rebuilt Chevy 350 with 300 miles on it (somewhere around 300 hp)
Rebuilt SM465 granny-low 4 speed transmission
Stock FJ40 transfer case
New driveshafts
2" shackle lift with 33" A/T's
Power steering conversion

Here's all the extra's I've put into it:
-New Edelbrock Performer intake
-New Edelbrock off-road carb
-New K&N filter
-Custom 3" single exhaust with Flowmaster 40 series muffler
-New custom gauge panel with white/chrome Auto meter dial gauges
-New radiator
-Relined gas tank
-New alternator
-New water pump
-New power steering pump
-New Odyssey battery
-Used clutch fan
-New Bestop Soft top
-Hard doors
-Hard top sides and rear lift gate (missing the actual roof)
-Late model bucket seats in front and rear (not sure what out of)
-New brakes all the way around (they are drums still but all new pads, cylinders, etc.)
-Warn manual hubs
-Front and rear roll cage (stock combined with an aftermarket front)

I know there is more, but can't think of it off the top of my head. There is rust on the truck and this will by no means probably ever be a possible restore/show truck. The body is fairly straight all though it has seen its days of bumps and bruises. No major dents though. It cruises at 70 mph great all though with the 3 speed tranny your pushing 3500 rpm at that speed. It's got a ton of power and is really nice to drive.

I have over $10k into this truck and I know I'm not going to get what I put into it. I'm just hoping to get an idea of what I can expect to ask for it. So if you can help, just reply to this or email me at

Thanks ton everyone.

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How can you expect for people to appraise your car when you dont even post a picture of it...
post a pic up atleast...

i thought this was a forum for information and for people to share ideas .... the only reason it seems you joined is for us to appraise a rig that you are planning on selling. whats the deal?

3 spd 465?

110.00us deliverd to 55024.

how long since headlight flush?

horn fluid levels?
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I'd say 4-6K range if everthing else is in place. They're worth as much as someones willing to pay for them, maybe ebay could help you out
If you are going to try and sell it, I would at least put the right Bonnet latch on.

Finish it up properly and you'll do a lot better than a 99% finished rig.

I'min Aus so I can't help you out much.
AlveNChrst said:
[ I guess if you count the granny gear on the 465 it's a 4 spd.

So you are aware:

Regardless of how you operate it on the road, that transmission is usually not installed in a truck as an upgraded version of a three speed, and not stating that it is a four speed, granny gear transmission will lend doubt to the credibility of your word. Going off what you have posted out here, you want people to pay you for the upgrades you have done, since you have stated that the body of the truck is not that solid, which will rule out A LOT of possible prospects, as everyone hates rust.

Good luck!

Got it about the 465, thanks for the input, I'll make sure to straighten that out for prospective buyers. I can see how it would be misleading.
thanks for all the input. It looks like we won't get as much as we hoped for if we sell it, so we're going to hang on to it for a while. Thanks again.
Finish it up and enjoy it some more. Prices will rise IMOP when the new FJ comes out.
cabron said:
Prices will rise IMOP when the new FJ comes out.

I wouldn't count on that.
Examples, the mini cooper, old bugs... When everyone get the fever again, the old ones will become more desirable. A bigger pool to draw from as far as buyers because the advertising of the new one will bring a fresh batch of potential buyers. I'm not saying they'll double but I would expect it to be easier to get slightly higher dollar values when they come out.

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