Need help picking suspension....

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Apr 3, 2019
Selkirk Mountains
New to the forum & new to Toyota. So hello.

I just purchased a 2005 LX470, with the intention of making it a very capable off road rig. It needs to be able to get me around the Idaho Panhandle backcountry = washboard & potholes forever, deep ruts, mud/snow/rocks etc... I want to be able to go fast on washboard! It’s not a daily driver, but does see a few longer road trips = Glacier/ Helena/ Yellowstone for fly fishing. So it needs to have some highway manners.

I have read a ton of threads & looked at all the different companies offering suspensions. Everyone has a similar approach, but slightly different product offerings.

So if you wanted the nicest suspension, without fabrication, HOW WOULD YOU DO IT?

My long term plan:

1). Bead lock wheels so I can air down on washboard and get after it (does that help enough to justify cost)?

2). Armor: Front/Rear Slee bumpers & maybe sliders (not sure I need them).

3). Suspension: undecided????

Read about Tough Dog Touring kit and it sounds good, but the foam cell shocks on washboard? Not sure.

I think an Icon 2.5 seems like the best for washboard, so maybe the Slinky Stage 4 kit is the way to go.

Or maybe a combination of individual components that guys have tried and work the best.

This is where I’m stuck. If I’m going to spend $4k-$5k on components, I want to know that it is going to kick ass.

So, based on the information on how I will use it & how I want to set it up - what do you guys recommend? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
You're probably gonna get the same answers this guy got a week ago:

5 people will tell you to keep the AHC, the next 5 will say Tough Dog and the next 5 Icon. ha

I have about that same setup with beadlocks and Icons+Slinky - you can see my build thread:

Personally, I would say try the tough dogs and regular wheels first - if they don't work out they'd probably sell in a day on the classifieds, and then you can buy Icons. With stock wheels you can still air down to 12-15ish psi, give or take depending on how safe you feel it is.

In my experience, Icons+beadlocks+8-10 psi is about as good as you'll get on washboards. Stage 4 adjustable damping is real nice, and the slinky springs are killer no matter the shocks they're paired with. But so many guys are stoked on TD that I might just try them when it's time to rebuild my Icons.
Thanks Ikarus,

I appreciate the advice. It gets pretty confusing trying to read through all the builds, opinions, company websites, videos, etc. I read your build thread a couple times to get ideas. Your rig is the direction I’m heading.

So you swapped out medium duty for heavy. Completely unloaded, did you notice much difference between the springs?

Well after having just gotten back from Moab and Canyonlands, I will be the first one to tell you keep the AHC. I bombed out there on the highway at 80mph with the suspension on neutral. Then bumped it over to high and did Top of the World and Elephant Hill no problems. The ride off highway was awesome with the tires aired down to 15psi and the dial set to comfort. I was sold.
Think of all the other stuff I could get if I just keep AHC. Don’t think that hasn’t crossed my mind.

I just want to make sure I can handle all the crap these remote forestry & logging roads can dish out.
Yeah AHC seems pretty legit, but personally I just like more simple setups - less sensors, fluids etc. My AHC was broken beyond repair when I bought it so I planned on replacing from day 1. The only complaint I've seen is that it can't handle big weight - like rooftop tent, bumpers, sliders, cargo etc. but seems to do well with medium loads. I'm no AHC guru though.

I'll PM you.

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