need help on removing glass & roof

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Jun 15, 2011
I really don't think I need to remove the factory fiberglass roof although it would make it easier to take care of some rust issues in the top as well as making it easier to paint so if anyone has any tips I would appreciate it. My main question is how do I go about removing the glass without breaking it? Again, I don't really NEED to remove the glass but the original paint is sky blue and I want to paint it a flat charcoal color. Although no one will ever see the sky blue under the window seals, I'll know its there and it will drive me NUTS! (I'm a little picky and borderline OCD). Thanks for the tips
Run a length of 6mm rope under the window rubber to hold it out from the body, paint below the rubber, take the rope out. Or pull your windows out and do it properly. Hope this helps.
Yeah I would rather pull the windows out. I'm just afraid of breaking them. I played around with the rear hatch window a little bit yesterday. Those suckers are IN THERE! Guess they didn't want 'em to fall out did they? I know with the way they install windows today you can cut 'em out with a piece of wire. Not so on the old FJs.

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