Need help on mini truck disk swap

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Feb 21, 2005
granger, indiana
I finally got my rotors and calipers for my disk brake conversion. I have all the parts from an 81' pickup and went with new rotors and calipers from a 92 4runner like i have heard many people doing because of the vented rotors and large 4 piston calipers. I was told anything from an IFS truck. Well the bolt pattern is not the same. Anybody know what really works? I have looked at all the tech stuff (which is where I got the idea). Thanks in advance. Tom
i think it is only tthe 93 and newer V6 4runner that has the larger pistons. i used 86 4runner calipers... but i have the 1 large, 1 small piston calipers with vented rotors.
i just reread your post and i think you need land cruiser rotors (80& up) the ifs rotors have the wrong backspacing.
good luck, carl
Any "V6" 4runner will have the four equally sized pistons, but you want to get the calipers from a pre 94.

You will need to get 1981 and later Land Cruiser rotors and install them on the solid axle mini hubs....Not the IFS vented mini ones...

Good luck!


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