Need help on Elocker for 2000 LX470

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May 5, 2011
Can somebody tell me that the Elocker (third member) from LC100 will bolt on to LX470 without having to run a new wiring.
Previously I've replaced both front and rear axles for my LX450 with axles coming out of FJ80 without having to run a new wiring, everything was already there to be plug in.
Any information will be appreciated.
Btw, I'm a newbie here......
I'm not certain, but I spoke with Cruiser Dan about a factory Toyota elocker for an LX470 and he told me the wiring is definitely NOT in place.

It would be great if you could pop the panel, install the switch and hook it up to an existing (and unused) connector and do the same by the differential. Dan made it sound that it would be a significant (and expensive undertaking).

However he freely admitted he is not a Lexus expert...
Pretty sure it's been investigated before and the conclusion was that it would be cheaper to install an ARB than to retrofit the e-locker.

ETA: It's not a simple swap as Jay said wiring and several other large hurdles to clear.
I don't know the answer either but I do know it is fairly straight forward to wire it all from scratch. There are a lot of DIY write-ups on it.
As neither the LC or LX had the e-locker from 2000 on I doubt the harness is there. I would think a 98/99 LX would be more likely than a 00. Easy way to check though would be to see if the dial plug is there behind where it would mount.
I don't think the OP is from the US market.
Thank you for all the help, I'm here in So Cal and done the Elocker axle swap from FJ 80 to LX 450 with very minimal work, cause it has all the wiring ready.
Thank you for all the help, I'm here in So Cal

I don't think the OP is from the US market.

Hose was 90% right! :)

To the original question, why the desire for an electronic locker? I would take a pneumat action over electric any day. Plus, depending upon your pump selection, you could have OBA!
The reason I want to go with the Elocker is this set up a lot cheaper than ARB's . The last time I did it for my LX450 cost me less than $500 (parts)
A pair of used axles from FJ80 (wt elocker in it) $1200, sold my axles for $1000. Used locker switch and computer less than $200 plus gear oil, you ended up less than $500 for a front and rear lockers. Installation is easy if the truck wired. The problem with my LX470 is I couldn't find the wiring....
The problem is the 100 Series is a lot more complicated than the 80. Every few years they add and subtract a system and usually are not interchangeable easily. If I remember correctly the 98-99 rear axle is different internally (I think the right side half shaft, or whatever it's called, is shorter due to the locker solenoid) than a 00+. Ya, it will bolt up fine. But your 00 is wired for ATRAC, just put a ARB in there. By the time you get done destroying two axles trying to make one work you will of had two arb air lockers, which are quicker and stronger than OEM.
Hose was 90% right! :)
I'm trying to install the same size and type tyres as yours on my 2000 LX470.
Haha, judging from Booyke spelling of "tyre," I thought he might've been from the South Pacific. Turns out, he's from SoCal and he just can't spell. :)

Besides E-locker wiring, the other consideration is VSC vs non-VSC. The non-vsc axle only has one brake line from frame to axle, VSC has two. Might be just a matter of switching over your hard brake lines on the axles... might be more.
Thank you for all the help, I think ARB make more sense......

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