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Oct 24, 2019
Kampala Uganda
Good day everyone.
I just rebuild my cruiser made a conversion of 75/80 series pick up truck. Need to repaint it but need advice on the following.
1. Would like to repaint it in Matter colour, which one is the best matte colour between the following. 4E9 Sandy Taupe or RAAL 1001 or
Quick Sand E2D0B9.



2. Have rims size 15" that came originally with the 80series chasis, which would be the best to paint them in to match the body colour? M


atte Black since the whole underneath is going to be black? Or just to paint same as the body colour?
Please advice.
Thank you.
My whats app number is +256771363423 and my cell phone number is +250789427007.

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