need help now on ruff stuff front spring perches

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Nov 1, 2004
shrewsbury, pa
as it says i need help on the ruff stuff spring perches. Doing a soa and i got his new cut passenger side perch my question is how the hell does this thing go. it looks just like the pic on his website for the main part but the other half is actually just to small rectangular pieces of steel. can anyone out there point me in the right direction I was trying to get this thing done this weekend. Help me please


I ended up cutting mine in half. Sounds odd but it was the only way I could get it to work and be even with the other side. Take note that two things though:

1. my pinion is 5* higher than what this bracket was designed for.

2. Ruff stuff makes a great UNIVERSAL product. It has to be finessed with a grinder to fit ALL applications.

If you look through my SOA thread you will see a pic of the front axle sitting on jack stands. I set the axle on the truck first and took all measurments from there. After all was measured and pinion angles set I tacked in the drivers perch first. Then place the front axle on jacks and then set the passenger side to match the drivers side. I looks like it was done quickly but honestly it took a better part of 5-6 hours to get both sides within 1/16 of each other. I finally said good enough and welded it.

Post pics if you can and I will keep checking by to see if I can help at all.

This thread is very important to me. I too have just purchased Ruff Stuff Spring Hangers and I will be welding them on within a week and a half. Can people post pics of how they used them and what their particular setup is?

Can you post the pics here as well? I'd like to see them all in one place to compare and take notes.
me too! i have the same stuff, it's ruff ;), and will be put on the truck in the next month.

lots -o-interest here!
no problems i ad ordered his spring hangers for the rear using chevy springs and then i ordered the front setup and low and behold the two mystery plates are aactually for the spring hanger itself to reinforce it. I have no idea why the chevy hanger doesnt have it though. AS for the spring perches just turn your pinion up to where you want it leave the lower old mounts on as reference, and put the ruffstuff perches on above the old ones and that was pretty much all. I'll get some pics if the wife lets me take the camera into the garage. Good luck all its not as hard as you think


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