Need help looking for new OEM A/C parts

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May 28, 2014
Paradise Valley, AZ
hey everyone,

I'm in AZ with a bad air conditioner. I have a couple of leaks and a damaged radiator.

I need to replace these:

I found part numbers for the radiator (16400-66040) and thermostat (90916-03117), but can't find the other parts. This is for a 1997 80 series(US, AUTOMATIC).

Can anyone help me confirm these numbers and find the other part numbers and any advice on new OEM parts vendors with good prices?

Get your AC Parts at Denso is OEM Supplier.

The radiator is no longer available from Toyota. Get the Koyo from Amazon.

Thermostat get from dealer.
Where are you at in Az? Are you just passing thru? I know of a couple of "usable" radiators here in the Phoenix area. Did you blow up your radiator, cook your compressor?
Curiosity got the best of me:

16400-66081 RADIATOR ASSY $495.36 List $366.57 Actual

You quoted the wrong one. OP is looking for the earlier 3 core brass radiator. Not the 2 core aluminum radiator you "found".

As always, CDan is correct: "It is not necessary for you to know what you are talking about, it is only necessary that you sound like you know what you are talking about."
I just used the OP information from above:

This is for a 1997 80 series(US, AUTOMATIC).

I read the post before commenting, so I did not both sound and appear foolish :)

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