Need help in Costa Rica

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Sep 3, 2007
I thought I would post this here because it seems like a few mudders from C.R. post stuff here. I ordered some snow/mud chains about 4 weeks ago here in the states. I still have not received them and I leave for C.R. Saturday. I will be in San Jose for a few days and was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy some down there. Thanks, Isaac
Dude, you said you lonce ived in Nosara. You know the drill: Go to the ferreteria (Jerry's in the pueblo) and get some chain and bolts and make your mud chains! C'mon, you out of practice??? lol!!!


Well I am americanized again. :DI do have fond memories of piecing stuff together from nothing, its amazing what you can make when you have to down there, and the recycling of parts as well. I know they sell them in San Jose but if I have to buy just chain......I'll use my winch. I have to fabricate lots of things when I get down there already.
I'll dig through my card collection... it has been a while, but a couple of years ago a guy stopped me in an Alajuela gas station to check out my cruiser, he was driving a very nice looking 7x troopie, and was a distributor for chains. BUT, from what I recall, his prices were pretty steep-looking to me.

You might try just hitting up La Guacamaya ( Auto Repuestos La Guacamaya ), don't know if they carry them, but they just might.

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