Need help finding flywheel for 83 FJ60.

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Sep 19, 2018
Ouray CO
I have a 83 Fj60 that has 183000 miles and the clutch has started to slip and I have a clutch assembly ordered but they couldn’t source a new flywheel for me. Are these hard to get? Any ideas where I should start my search first? Thanks for your help.
New Flywheels are long discontinued. No aftermarket. There may be some NOS available, but hard to come by. Good resurfaced used are your quickest options, although I *think* @TeamJB posted some NOS ones ? Or, if yours is good, have it resurfaced when doing the clutch.
Yup. These are very heavy FWs and can easily take a resurface a couple of times.
I just had mine resurfaced...was very inexpensive ($20-$30) whereas the used resurfaced for sale flywheels I found were very expensive. ($300-$800 lolol) Made much more sense to have it resurfaced.




Good to know my fellow mudders. Steve, the mechanic says it can be recut. I won’t try to find a new one then. Cheers
Oops, my bad, I read that as ‘can’t’. Sorry!
Take it to at least a few other places. I wouldn’t hedge it just because one shop said it’s bad. Friend of mine pulled a fw out of a truck and it was loaded w/ cracks (way more than the above photo) but it cleaned up perfect. I was really amazed.
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