Need help: Differential Comparison (stamps & markings on internals)

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May 23, 2011
Atlanta, GA
Casing ID: 4111-60011
Ring Gear: 9x37 078 3 7
Ring Gear teeth: 37
Pinion Teeth: 9
Inner housing: 25
Clamps?: C7 & C10

Casing ID: 4111-60011
Ring Gear: 9x37 74 1 25 S2 72
Ring Gear teeth: 37
Pinion teeth: 9
Inner housing: 37
Clamps: C19 & C13

I don't understand the different stamps, I assume my new to be a 4.11 so I should be good there, but beyond that I am lost.

Are they compatible? Any way to tell with out opening up the pinion flange to see if it uses spacers or a crush sleeve?
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As long as both of these differentials utilized a 10 mm mounting studs to the housing and they have the same flange pattern, they will interchange. You can always change the flange. We keep them in stock along with Pinion seals and steak nuts as well as everything else to go through your axles and differentials.

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