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Mar 31, 2008

Hey guys I'm looking for a diesel mechanic that can work on the 3b with Turbo. my son and I broke down on our toad trip . Let up off acceleration to pull into fuel station , heard a pop sound like a rock hit, vehicle dies and now won't restart turns over but doesn't seem to get fuel.. in Elkhart Indiana. 1986 BJ70 3b turbo.
Jun 13, 2005
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There is a long straight control arm on the top rear of the injection pump that controls fuel shut off. It's only held on through press fit ball and socket. Sometimes electrical issues force the fuel to be shut off. You can pry it up with a flat screw driver or I just pull up by hand and disconnect one end so it comes off. This allows the pump internal springs to move to the run position. To shut the pump off you have to move the linkage the control arm was attached to (the lever you poped the control arm off of) towards the firewall to cut fuel by hand.

The centre of the pic shows a long rod that attaches to the fuel cut off lever. This is where I mentioned pulling up on the arm to disconnect it. It can easily be pushed back on but you have to line it up by hand as the springs will fight you a bit. If it runs when its disconnected you can drive that way but in order to shut the fuel off you have to cut the fuel by hand. A coat hanger or bit of stiff wire can be rigged up as a temporary shut off from inside the cab.
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Nov 7, 2016
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Let up off acceleration to pull into fuel station , heard a pop sound like a rock hit,

Possibly a broken crank. hopefully it starts with Gerg’s directions. Maybe check that the starter is spinning the belts and pulleys on the front of the motor if your still not starting.

Totally different problem but my bj42 made a similar pop when my H55f main shaft snapped. I know the sound you described. Good luck!
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