Need good shop In Connecticut

Oct 14, 2003
Well, I am able to do this myself, Just very unwilling.

This was a lot easier on my old Samurai.

I just ALMOST finished the passenger side on the Cruiser.

I am still trying to get the tie-rod nut on, can't seem to get it on without the tie-rod spinning. Even with it tightened with a clamp and an impact wrench. I am just going to buy a new nut and see if that goes on easier.

Anyhow that one side took me two days, twelve hours total, with all the frozen bolts and the DAMN brake lines which I now need to replace because I beat the crap out of them.

So I am looking for information on a mechanic or shop that knows what the hell they are doing to do the drivers side. I have all the parts, but I need to find someone that will do it right. I have no problem finding knuckle-heads that will put something on backward. But at the same time $$$$ is an issue.

Willing to drive about 45 minutes from central Connecticut if needed.

Help Please,

Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
I did mine without touching any TRE's ???
Just couldn't check the knuckle bearing pre-load, but it drives fine 4 months later.

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