Need Fzj80 radiator measurements

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Apr 4, 2013
Springfield, OR
As the title suggests I need the full width and night measurements of the radiator if anyone would be so kind. I looked up dimensions on google but I'm unsure whether that's just he core or with tanks. Trying to find an intercooler that fits neatly behind the stock radiator and my truck is half an hour away at my brothers where I've been working on it. Thanks in advance, oh and I searched radiator dimensions and got unrelated posts. Probably could have tried harder.
30.5 wide x 22.25 tall.

the ford 6.0 diesel truck intercooler 2003-2007 (i think that is the year range) is the best/closest OEM cooler available that i have found. i have a 1.5" body lift and believe it will fit using OEM plastic mounts slightly modified. otherwise an aftermarket aluminum will be needed to change mounts around, at that point a custom unit might be time and money ahead. picked mine up for $50, its on my list to work on and confirm fit in the coming weeks. all the tape measurements say i should have about .5" clearance. chasing a potential blow head gasket on my cummins. second in 14 months :(

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