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Sep 22, 2014
Hello, I am new to the FJ world and need a had getting parts. Came to the cruisers from the trucks, i know the places to get parts for the trucks, but land cruisers seem to be a different animal ahaha!

if you know of anyone selling these items, or you have them and are interested in selling them i would be more than willing to buy them from you!

I need...

1 X the chrome bit that goes over the left headlight assembly. screws to the headlight with 2 screws
1 X left rear bumper corner piece
1 X left rear mud flap
1 X left rear door (dont need internals, just shell)
1 X left front door (same as above, no internals)
1 X RHD dash plastics, all the black pieces with vents. mine are damaged and drive me nuts!


Jan 13, 2005
Boise ID
I can probably help you out with all of those pieces. What year is your cruiser? Bumpers, mud flaps and dashes are a little different amongst the years.

Also where are you located, shipping on doors might be a little spendy.

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