Wanted NEED: FJ62 Driver's Rear Leaf Spring (1 Viewer)

Mar 5, 2009
Louisville, KY
I am in the process of researching which OME suspension kit I want to go with, along with what sized wheel/tire combo....hope to purchase this summer.

In the meantime, there has been a noticeable "clunking" in the rear of my 62, and when cornering, the back end actually feels "loose".

I got up under my rig to day to discover a broken spring on my driver's rear; it also happens to the the top spring that attaches to the pivot point, AND the bushing is gone.....YIKES !

I was hoping that anyone that had upgraded their suspension, and/or had a parts 62 may be willing to hel me out. Anyone with a driver's rear complete spring and bushing, please contact me if it is a part that you have laying around.

Thanks for everyone's help,


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