need fj60 fuel hoses

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I used fuel injection line hose to replace mine. On the same par of the OEM high quality line.

I have some information in this thread:

I was able to use standard fuel line for most of it. There were a couple larger diameter hoses assocaited with the evap vapor separator where I purchased the hose from Toyota. Unfortunately, Toyota doesn't sell their hose "by the foot" (at least not to me). It all comes in pre-cut lengths, which makes it more expensive.
If you go to a VW shop (water-cooled), they'll (or should) have all the metric sizes you need for the evap lines (usually cloth braided). Otherwise, any of the stuff mentioned above is good.

Or a good NAPA will have what you need.

How much length? Dunno. I just bought plenty when I did mine. Doesn't hurt to have extra in the spares box.

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