Need English Stickers/Decals for an 80

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Sep 24, 2006

I posted this in the 80 section. But maybe I would get some luck as well on the Diesel section. Hope you can help.

Need English Stickers/Decals for an 80
I have been looking for sometime to get the English-version of the JDM stickers/decals that are on an HDJ81.

WussyPup was kind enough to take pictures of the decals he has:

To the HDJ80 owners (like the OZ/European mudders) or those with English version of the stickers: can you snap a pic of your decals as well? I will have them printed on sticker paper and paste on my rig. Mine came with only 1 or 2 stickers and those are still attached are in Japanese.

To US LC80 owners - maybe you can share your decals as well as some decals must be the same across 80 models

If you have part numbers of the decals that would even be better.
It might help if you link worked. ;)

Also, get in touch with Aatlas1x (username) here on the board. He makes lots of reproduction decals.
I second the Aatlas1X advice.

Also you could ask Mot on here what the Japanese says. Then see if the FZJ80 has similar stickers. Mot may be able to buy english versions in Japan.

But if you know what they say after they are translated....why bother replacing. It is what it is...JDM

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