Wanted need cash? find my parts!!!

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Mar 11, 2008
Goodyear Arizona
I have spent hours on the internet and am at a total loss. I need the left and right headlight housing's for my 97 LX450. Other than pay 300 plus dollars for brand new ones, I dont know what to do. I want some used ones for a reasonable price. I will gladly kick a few bucks your way via paypal or whatever to someone who can find some for me. I live in Phoenix. Thanks guys
His # is in my sig line but he is on vacation.

Yes and the other parts guys there won't ship.:flipoff2: I found that out this week.
all these replies/hints/leads and no response from the original poster even though he's been on the board?!

ask me; you wanna drive a lexus?! you're gonna have to pay to play! ;p
original poster here!!!! I have spent my time going to the businesses that all you guys have mentioned. It takes some time. Is still havent found any. I went to the Specter website and JCWhitney, cant find a listing, FastEddy mentioned they have them for $250 for a pair at cruiserparts but couldnt locate them on the website, This kinda sucks. Does anyone know where to find a parts list, microfiche on the 97 LX450 besides the dealer? I havent ignored the posts, just busy researching is all, and thanks guys for all your help.
i'd go to my local lexus dealer and get the part # from the parts department. then you'll be off to the races....... ;)
thats where im going tomorrow. That way I can actually see the picture of it and make sure its exactly what I need and get the part #. Would you guess that it was in some type of accident if both visible mounts are broken on the passenger side(top one completely broken and missing) and the drivers side tabs are just cracked? The seller told me nothing, you would think he had to of noticed it after owning it for 3 years. Carfax shows nothing. Anyways, thanks for your help.
car-parts.com would be another place I'd try.
I don't know if he has those parts or if they would fit but, cruzer971 in Prescott has parts for a 93 ? landcruiser. I got 2 wiper arms for free. worth a try,good luck.

Well the 97's had different mounts than the older ones iirc, but my lights were pretty beat up anyway. :eek:
just got back from the Lexus dealer. The part #'s are 81135 for the right side and 81175 for the left. $276.39 a piece from the dealer.
My PM you replied to didn't contain anything but a quote of my original PM. Also, you box is full, shoot me another PM if you want.

lx450 head lights


Just a FYI. The lexus grill is different from the land cruiser grill.
I have a lx450 also and finding those lights used is very hard.
I tried cruiserparts.net and they didn't have any when i was looking. Your most likly going to have to buy new ones. When i was looking about 5 months ago there where a lot of people looking for them. Don't get any with broken tabs they will not work good. Your grill also bolts to the headlight tabs.
There is only like two years for the lx450 that will work 1996 and the 1997. I ended up buying one will good glass and broken tabs. By headlight was good , but a rock when though the glass. Taking the two peices aparts are a pain in the :censor: .
They are sealed together. I still have a nice scare from where the glass sliced my arm. Not wearth the hassel or blood lose. LOL.

Good luck finding one you will need it.

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